TQS LLC.We provide expert QA services delivered by seasoned Quality Assurance professionals who have been engaged in the Transportation Quality business for decades. Our company excels in assisting others in the benefit of properly applied Quality Assurance principals. Our services, offered on a case by case basis, save time, money, and assure targeted results.

Our decades of experience with hundreds of companies, allow us to offer selective answers to Quality Assurance problems, both internally with manufacturing, QA/QC of production and materials, and externally from the viewpoint of your suppliers - and their vendors.

We can train your workers in professional Quality Assurance principals.

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Vendor Auditing

We audit your selected vendors for determination of qualification status. TQS will perform an audit and assessment of selected vendors to determine their level of quality against a quality system standard and their process capabilities to meet your contractual requirements, specifications and delivery demands. We will look at key performance indicators such as training, personnel qualifications, experience and other critical operational functions that impact contract performance. TQS will provide a full assessment report and recommendation for the vendor including corrective actions and opportunities for improvement including other detailed reporting as requested.

Quality Auditing

TQS LLC.We perform vendor or internal third party quality system audits that will measure a quality system performance against the desired quality system standard (ISO, AAR M-1003 etc.) This will be a thorough review of all elements of the standard and ensure that the quality system is thoroughly integrated at all levels. It will include a comprehensive review of key elements such as document control, control of measurement and test equipment and a focus on ensuring a fully integrated nonconforming product/corrective action/preventive action program.

Quality Program

All your quality program needs can be served by TQS. Writing a quality system manual, quality program review/gap analysis, audit, compliance assessment etc. TQS can assist with development of document control, control of measure and test equipment, and other critical processes of your quality program. Whether based on ISO, AAR M1003 or other system standard, TQS can assist with development, deployment, assessment and training. Thorough analysis, and detailed reporting will provide your company with assurance of your QA program status and compliance.

Source Inspection

TQS LLC.Materials from your suppliers will be inspected on-site at the supplier prior to shipment. Drawing and specification compliance as well as other contract attributes will verified. Whether initial production run or surveillance inspections for causes, TQS can deliver assurance that materials shipped will fully comply. Our expertise in material inspection and supplier management will provide you with confidence that your critical products will be received fully compliant . We can also examine supplier processes to assess their capability to consistently manufacture your product successfully and consistently

First Article Inspection

TQS can assist your staff with, or lead, the First Article Inspection process. We can perform all quality aspects of the FAI process including drawing, specification, certification reviews, development of “critical to quality” checklists, review of supplier measure and test documentation, drawing and revision controls and other assistance to provide you with the assurance the supplier can produce a reliable product and do it consistently.